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Here’s a lesson I learned today about specificity and communication…

I went out for lunch at Shuraku Sake Bar, looking to have some sushi – too busy to cook. I talked with our server and let her know that I was celiac and wanted vegan options, which she said was “no problem at all!”

I ordered a tofu avocado salad and a veggie roll (which is the same as I had ordered last time I was there so I was really excited to gobble them up again). She brought me the gluten free tamari and tea as we waited for our food. My salad came (YUMMY!), my dad got his sushi rolls and Anthony got an udon. After about 10 minutes I called our server back and asked when my veggie roll might arrive… Turns out my roll was actually brought out on the same plate as the rolls my dad ordered –  even though his roles had been deep fried and battered – and he had put soy sauce all over them as soon as they arrived.

At first I was mad because I couldn’t believe that the kitchen wouldn’t have considered the cross contamination on the plates, especially since I had told her that it was an allergy! Instead of yelling at her, I had a moment of recognition: this is my allergy and others don’t know as much about it as I do because I AM THE ONE WHO HAS IT – duh Jenn! So I had a great learning opportunity to realize how much more detailed I need to be if I want to really take responsibility for taking care of my body.


Anyways the salad was awesome, they made me a new roll which was great and best of all, i learned how to ask for what I want without punishing people. Thats a great day by my standards 🙂

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