Thai Kitchen Instant Noodles

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When I was a kid, I loved getting a pack of instant noodles in my lunch for many reasons:

1) they’re so salty and flavourful

2) my friends would want to trade me awesome snacks to have some of my lunch

3) I would get to go in the staff room to use the kettle to make the boiling water


These days I don’t eat pre-packaged noodles very much, mostly because they’re full of gluten!


I tried so many brands before finding Thai Kitchen’s instant noodle bowls & packs and they are the BEST, hands down. Great flavours (many vegan), simple and gluten free – yay!!!

I like to bring a small pack of GF tamari with me, but the Spring Onion or the Mushroom ones are great as is.


What do you think? Any brands that you want to tell me about?

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