Puffed Millet & Marshmallow Bars

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A long name that accurately describes my version of the traditional “Rice Cripsy Square” lol

Millet is a gluten free grain that grows in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and textures (just like rice does). My favourite, and what I used for this recipe, is pearl millet. Nature’s Path makes a great plain puffed millet cereal that is pretty inexpensive for a large bag.

Alright so here’s what you need…


6-8 Marshmallows (I used 3 kinds mixed together because… well just because I had 3 kinds at my house)

3 tbsp Earth Balance

2 cups puffed millet cereal (or rice cereal, just make sure it’s GF because many actually aren’t)


First thing for me to point out is that Anthony hates microwaves, so when we moved in together 3 months ago, I agreed not to have one in the house. It makes reheating left overs a bit of a challenge but other than that, I do fine without it. So that factors into the directions here because I had to melt my marshmallows in a pot on the stove (which I had never done before, but it turned out just fine) – if you want a bit of an easier time with this, and your boyfriend is into those handy dandy contraptions, you can do it in a microwave. In regards to the 3 varieties of marshmallows, my friend Cindy has an awesome business called Sweet Petite and she gave me some of her new gluten free, TEA INFUSED marshmallows to try out!! I used 2 rooibos and 2 earl grey, along with 2 Dandies vegan marshmallows…

Long story short, melt the Earth Balance in a pot on medium heat then add in your marshmallows. Stir constantly until they make a gooey marsh land in your pot, then add in the puffed millet. I mixed it all around to coat the millet then scooped it all into a small glass container, pressed it flat, and left them to cool. I lasted about 15 minutes before I couldn’t hold off eating them (the tea infused marshmallows made it smell so FREAKING GOOD!). Yep, as I suspected, delicious 😉

My dad loved his Father’s Day present today and I had a lot of fun making them.

Sweet Petite VGF Marshmallows

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