Bambo Cafe

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There are so many cafes, restaurants and fast food joints here in downtown Vancouver, but honestly there isn’t much a vegetarian celiac can grab and go in a pinch. When I find a place that makes tasty, affordable, gluten free food, I just wanna scream about them from the mountain tops – Bambo Cafe is one of those places!

To start, they have the nicest staff EVER! Their cafe has been family owned and operated for 11 years and the wonderful woman who started it all still makes homemade pesto everyday to top off the sandwiches. Such dedication to excellence astounds me. My favourite part: their gluten free bread for sandwiches is so yummy 😀 It’s moist and squishy like the white bread I loved so much growing up. It did get a bit soggy/crumbly as I wrote this post and it sat there soaking up all the pesto but, nonetheless, holy bjeebus, that was an awesome veggie sandwich!

They also have vegan, gluten free lentil soup, salads and a few tasty treats I can enjoy.

All in all, a great place to exchange money for happy, full belly feelings 🙂é-vancouver-2

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