Happy Planet Mediterranean Minestrone

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On the run again today but had just enough time to heat something up. Looking through my fridge, I found a Happy Planet soup that I’ve been waiting to try. Mediterranean Minestrone sounded awesome and was GLUTEN FREE – yay!!

I tried a few bites and liked it, but felt it was missing some heartiness to make it meal-esque. I had some celery and green beans, so I cut them up, put the soup and veggies into a pot and let them simmer for about 5 mins. After that, it really hit the spot 😀

I love lots of the Happy Planet soup flavours, and most of them are gluten free and vegan. Costco has double packs for really cheap, which is where I usually get them, but Whole Foods, Choices and even Safeway have them too 🙂

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