Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding

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On a breezy Wednesday, what’s better than chocolate pudding? I’ll tell you what! Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding, yay!

This is a total mix and match recipe, depending on what you have at your disposal. I’ll give you 3 varieties but you can play around and make your own gastronomic creation.


There are 2 key ingredients that all of these versions will use:

1 can of chilled, full fat coconut milk (no emulsifiers because we need the thick cream to separate from the liquid)

3 tbsp cocoa powder (or raw cacao powder if you prefer)


Banana version; add this to the above:

1 super ripe, large banana

1/4 cup coconut sugar


This is really easy. Take all 4 ingredients and throw them into a blender or food processor. If it’s hard on the motor, add 1 tbsp at a time of the liquid from the can of coconut milk. It should come out the same texture and thickness as regular pudding.


Avocado version; add this to the coconut milk cream and cocoa powder:

1 ripe, avocado

1/4 cup coconut sugar


Same as above 🙂


Date version; add this to the coconut milk cream and cocoa powder:

6 – 8 pitted medjool dates

1 tsp ground cinnamon


Same as the first one, just be sure to taste it because it may not be the right sweetness or cinnamoniness for you.


Good news here is that I’ve never screwed this recipe up beyond repair 🙂 The thing to keep in mind when trying new additions is how each ingredient will affect the texture of the pudding. Any fruit that is soft yet kind of dense should be good. Next time I buy mangos, I’m going to try adding them instead of dates… I’ll keep you posted. Let me know if you come up with any awesome options for me to test out on my guinea pig boyfriend 😉

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