Celiac on Set

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When I’m home, being gluten free is super easy: I only buy things I can eat, I usually know what I have in my fridge & pantry, and the grocery store is only a few blocks away in case I need to quickly pick something up. Being on set is a very different experience. Once I arrive, I’m usually there for 12+ hours with little opportunity to leave for food and no prior knowledge of what will be available for me to eat. I have faced this issue many times so I’ve had to develop a process that works for me so I can make sure I don’t go hungry or, worse yet, eat gluten and get sick.

Here’s what’s in my fully loaded arsenal of gluten free yummery:

Veggies (carrots, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatos etc)


Fruits (apples, oranges, pears, dried fruits etc)







I bring all this just in case there is literally nothing that doesn’t contain gluten there. For the most part, the people who take care of the food preparation on sets are really thoughtful and aware of gluten allergies, so I barely have to touch what I’ve packed. Even with that in mind, I still pack it all because I’d rather be over prepared and be stuck in a difficult situation.

In May this year I did a commercial for Tim Horton’s Iced Caps. This was one of those times that I packed every gluten free thing I could fit in my bag because I had assumed Tim Horton’s would be catering the set. Don’t get me wrong, Tim Horton’s is great in a lot of ways, but they don’t cater to my allergy – I sort of equate it to going to a Chinese food restaurant and asking for a pizza; that’s not their specialty so why would they have the ingredients for pizza?! Anyways, you can imagine my surprise when our lovely Kraft Services lady told me that all the meals today were 100% gluten free, aside from the burger buns and the pie. I was blown away! They also had many vegan options so I was able to eat almost everything (good thing I had my cookies though since that pie was seriously testing my will power lol).

No matter where I am, I’ve found that with a little forethought, I can eat healthily and happily so I can be at my best. It’s not about having everything I could possibly want through out the day, it’s about making sure I have enough to feed myself so I’m not ravenously making poor food choices. You can figure this out too, just keep working on creating a system that works for your life and habits 🙂


Here’s the commercial in case you’re curios: http://youtu.be/uP5pddyD8Zw

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