Peacock Pizza…?

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Yeah, you read that right – Peacock Pizza.

“What ever could you mean, Jenn?” you may be thinking to yourself right now “Why would you eat a peacock?”

Hehe, I don’t mean it’s made of peacock, just that I assembled it to look like a peacock 😀

I think food should be fun and some times it’s the presentation that is the funnest part.

This is really simple, silly, and salty, but it might not be a flavour kids enjoy very much so I like to think that it’s more for the kid inside us grown folks 😉



1 gluten free, personal size pizza crust (I used a rectangular one, but choose whatever you want)

2 tbsp vegan Daiya Jalapeño Havarti cheese spread

1 chopped green onion

15 large green pimento olives (no pits)

15 raw or roasted almonds

2 tbsp sun dried tomatoes in olive oil

4 slices pickled Jalapeño


There are 2 parts here – the pizza and the tapenade. I started by pre-heating the oven according to the package instructions for my crust. As the oven was getting ready, I spread the Daiya on the crust and sprinkled the green onions on top. I put that in the oven and left it for 12 minutes. Moving on to the tapenade, 1 put all the other ingredients into my Vitamix on low and started to chop them together (this took about 1 minute). I scooped the tapenade into a small ball on one corner of the plate to make a body, grabbed a silly little spoon I keep around for feeding my nephew, and then cut the pizza into thin strips and arranged them to look like tail feathers. Voila – fun food! We had this for breakfast today since we were a bit tired of sweet meals first thing in the morning. I’m sure you can do something similar for your kids if you combine some medium-firm veggies they like.

Let me know what you think 😀

Peacock Pizza 2

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