Farmers Market Feast: Nidhi’s Cuisine

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I love finding new companies that make foods I can eat, especially when they are local and passionate about what they do. I was near my home in Kits, browsing the Farmers Market, and I realized I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I looked left and saw a bread stand, I looked ahead and saw a poutine food truck but when I looked to my right, there stood a nice little tent with a sign boasting “Fresh Indian Fusion, gluten free and vegan options”.

Of course I had to try whatever they had! There was a really nice, young guy there who told me about his 2 favourite options: one was a chickpea bun with spinach and potatoes, the other was a buckwheat flatbread with kale baked in the middle. I went for the chickpea bun and it was awesome! Super flavourful and very moist. A few bites was enough to tide me over so I waited until I got home, threw it in the oven to heat it up and had an even tastier time with it.

I really want to send a shout out to local businesses like Nidhi’s Cuisine who care to make options that work for us “less conventional eaters”. I wish I wasn’t allergic to gluten and that I could enjoy a flakey, wheaty pastry once in a while without terrible stomach pain, but I can’t. So one more time, let’s hear it for the people who care to make yummy food and treats available to everyone! <3

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Nidhi's Cuisine

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