Farmers Market Feast: Sea Asparagus with Ravioli

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News flash: I just learned about a new delicious veggie! It’s called Sea Asparagus and I know nothing about it except that it tastes spectacular 😀 It’s got the saltiness of seaweed and a similar tanginess to capers (if they weren’t pickled), but it’s also crisp and fresh. It’s a flavour explosion and I’m hooked! I bought it from a farm called The Promised Land at the Kits Farmers market and they had a tonne of other interesting things I had never seen before.

I’ve been experimenting with it yesterday and today – eating it raw is cool, tossed into a salad adds a nice punch of flavour, but my favourite so far has been the pasta dish we had tonight, so here it is.



1/2 jar of tomato sauce

1/4 Golda’s artichoke pesto

1/8 cup Dayia Jalapeño Havarti vegan cheese block

1 package of Zara’s Butternut Squash ravioli

1 tbsp capers

1/3 cup of sea asparagus



I boiled some water then put then cooked the ravioli in it. After it was done (about 6 minutes) I strained the pasta into a colander and used my pot to mix the pasta sauce, pesto and vegan cheese together into a kind of rose sauce. Then I add the ravioli back into the pot, and tossed in the capers and sea asparagus. From start to finish this took about 20 minutes, including boiling the water, so to me this is a perfect “I’m in a rush but it’s date night and I want to make something special for my sweetie” kind of meal 😉


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