Farmers Market Feast: Sorbet for One

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So I’m a bit of a sugar junkie. I try to deny the urges but I really struggle with it. After I’ve had dinner, it’s especially challenging. I usually convince Anthony to split some dark chocolate or a row of gluten free, vegan vanilla Oreos with me, but if he’s not there to eat half of whatever I want, I go WAAAAAY overboard. Anyways, this is one of the desserts I make when I’m alone because it hits the sweet spot without actually having sugar in it or being more than one person should have (not to mention it’s delicious).



1 cup frozen mixed berries (I bought mine fresh from Hastings Urban Farm last week and they threw in some golden raspberries – the flavour is simply amazing!)

1/2 frozen banana

1/4 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened)



1) If you bought fresh berries, freeze them for at least a few hours (overnight is better). Take your frozen berries and throw them in a high powered blender with the frozen banana half and the almond milk.

2) Turn the blender on low and use the tamper (aka masher thingy) to push the unchopped fruit into the blades. Slowly turn up the speed on the blender until the fruit becomes the consistency of ice cream. If your motor smells like burning or your blades don’t seem to be chopping the fruit, turn the blender down or off and decide whether you need to add more liquid, let the fruit thaw a bit or just use a slower speed with more forceful pushing with the tamper.

3) Eat it all, without any guilt!!! 😀


Aliyah O’Brien and I did a vlog about making #BananaIceCream a few weeks ago and you can check that out here


After that I had a few of my gal pals stop by unexpectedly. I had a chilled bottle of Gewürztraminer so I made us a little refreshing, fruity drink with the rest of the berries. A great summer evening 🙂

Wine and berries




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