The Gluten Free Epicurean

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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately from posting. I have a really exciting project that I’ve been focussing on! Now that it’s almost done, I have a lot of posts I want to put out to you wonderful people 😀


I haven’t been seeing my family much so I decided to make a date with my dad – we went out for breakfast last weekend to a place people have been raving about for a while now: The Gluten Free Epicurean. I tried the Raspberry Fritter and some loose leaf tea. One word… Heaven! It was sooooo tasty! My dad got some bergamot shortbread cookies and a vegan chocolate cookie and they were both super yummy too. Thus far, I think everything there would be delicious so if you want a treat, go there and let me know what you have (and how awesome it is).


I’ll share my cool project with you soon (and many more easy recipes)!




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