Vegan S’Mores

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Anthony and I just had an awesome performance at The Roxy tonight – time to celebrate with some gluten free, vegan (yeah you read that right) S’Mores!


Three ingredients = super yumsy (yummy/easy).

Glutino Table Crackers

Dandies Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows

Dark Chocolate (any gluten free, vegan kind will do; one of my favourites is Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate)

Smores Before

First I found one of my metal fondue skewers and stuck a marshmallow on it – I’ve tried this with those thin wooden kabob skewers but I prefer fondue ones when I can find ’em. Now being that I live in a house in Kits and not a country side cabin where open flames are readily available, I went to my stove and turned my burner on until it glowered red, then I used that as my make shift camp fire for roasting my marshmallow. I quickly realized that having the burner so hot was a great way to burn marshmallows, not roast them… I turned it down to a more reasonable medium temperature, threw out the burned one and started over. After some turning, SUCCESS! I quickly grabbed 2 crackers and some chocolate and squished them all together into a delectable masterpiece. YUUUUUM! I remembered I had promised one to Anthony too so I went to work on his and in under 3 minutes, he got to have an awesome S’More too 🙂

Seriously easy. Do it now.

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