Tasty Bite – Bombay Potatoes

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This week has been really busy! I made a bunch of meals before my course and thought they would cover me through to the end… turns out I was wrong. So here is one of the products I turn to when I’m out of time too cook.


I love Tasty Bite’s Bombay Potatoes because they’re easy to pack with me, vegan, gluten free and SO FREAKING TASTY!! I love knowing that I can have a yummy meal on the go and still feel great 😀


There are lots of places to buy them but I usually get them from Choices or Whole Foods (sometimes Safeway).

I don’t eat them often because I would rather have fresh, home made meals when I have the time, but it’s great to know I have a few in the cupboard for when I need them 🙂


Try ’em and let me know what you think!

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