Riso Bello Mushroom Risotto

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I must confess… I have a deep, dark cheese fetish. I know I know, it’s terrible, but it’s true! When I lapse in my veganism, it’s usually at the hands of some aged white cheddar or mild, lightly marbled blue. … Continued

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding

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On a breezy Wednesday, what’s better than chocolate pudding? I’ll tell you what! Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding, yay! This is a total mix and match recipe, depending on what you have at your disposal. I’ll give you 3 varieties but you … Continued

Bambo Cafe

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There are so many cafes, restaurants and fast food joints here in downtown Vancouver, but honestly there isn’t much a vegetarian celiac can grab and go in a pinch. When I find a place that makes tasty, affordable, gluten free … Continued

Puffed Millet & Marshmallow Bars

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A long name that accurately describes my version of the traditional “Rice Cripsy Square” lol Millet is a gluten free grain that grows in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and textures (just like rice does). My favourite, and what … Continued

Cartems Donuterie

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Last week I was doing a personal development workshop, which was AMAZING for many reasons, one of which was that Jordan Cash (a co-owner of Cartems Donuterie) brought gluten free, vegan doughnuts on the last day 😀 I love sugary treats but … Continued

Italian Tacos

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I think tacos are great but sometimes I want to change it up, add some new flavours. This morning I surprised Anthony with soft tacos filled with an Italian style filling – YUM! Here’s the what I did:   Ingredients … Continued

The No Fry

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You know I have a major stir fry addiction, but I have yet to tell you about my “No Fry” fetish 😉 This is another really easy, fast, delicious meal you can make in minutes. All you need is a … Continued