Blaq Sheep Coffee Shop Review

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Mmmmmm… early morning walks in Kits are so lovely! There are beautiful flowers everywhere, the streets are empty (especially on a cloudy Sunday morning like today) and the scent of fresh coffee permeates the air. I love this hood ๐Ÿ™‚ … Continued

Cantaloupe Mango Pancakes

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Not all pancakes are created equal. Pre-made mixes (where you just add WATER?) freak me out! All those chemically ingredients are not the way I want to start my day and neither should you. Seriously, pancakes are easy and they … Continued

Drumming my heart out

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Last night I had a killer time playing with The Rick Parnell Band at Se7en Dining Lounge. It’s great to be doing what you love while watching your audience smiling and dancing around you ๐Ÿ™‚ We rocked out so far, … Continued

Saffron Rice with Kale

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I like to try foods and spices that I didn’t grow up eating. Saffron is one of the ones I’ve been experimenting with lately. Let’s get to it! Ingredients a few saffron strands (depends on how much rice you’re making … Continued

Chia Goodness Breakfast

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This is one of my favourite quick breakfast options. The best flavour, in my opinion, is the Apple Almond Cinnamon. Really all I do is take a small jam jar, add 3 tbsp of any Chia Goodness flavour, fill the … Continued

Fennel Apple Salad

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I really over indulged this weekend – too many delicious vegan marshmallows ๐Ÿ˜› I decided to make a really healthy, light lunch with lots of raw veggies to try to get back on track (and hopefully help my stomach feel … Continued

Celiac on Set

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When I’m home, being gluten free is super easy: I only buy things I can eat, I usually know what I have in my fridge & pantry, and the grocery store is only a few blocks away in case I … Continued

Riso Bello Mushroom Risotto

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I must confess… I have a deep, dark cheese fetish. I know I know, it’s terrible, but it’s true! When I lapse in my veganism, it’s usually at the hands of some aged white cheddar or mild, lightly marbled blue. … Continued